Our curated collection of single and double flare natural stone plugs help bring safe ear stretching to everyone who would like to stretch at an affordable price! Stone plugs have a solid weight that assist in the stretching process, but are still light enough to be comfortable for all day wear.

An Atlas, traditionally, is a collection of maps, or any bound volume collecting charts, tables, and diagrams to explain or examine a specific subject. The term came from the Greek Titan Atlas, cursed to support the sky on his shoulders and always depicted as carrying the earth on his back. Atlas Stoneworks is here to exist as a different kind of atlas. We’d like to be your guide, your atlas, to Stretching. To this history, and the cultural significance of stretching your lobes, and to whatever the future of stretching entails for us all.


Our single flare plugs are ideal for stretching with gently rounded backs and generous wearable surfaces for ease of insertion. Their larger front flares are secure, and showcase the stones even at small sizes.


Our double flare plugs have a gentle saddle flare with convex faces that show off interesting natural inclusions and patterns on our plugs. Our flares are secure at 2-2.5mm larger then the wearable, and quite comfortable for all day wear.


Our mission here is to provide affordable, safe, stone for stretching with, and thus to allow anyone who wants to walk this path to do so. We want to celebrate the traditions of ear stretching, and the lessons in patience, wisdom, and control that the process can teach. Atlas is here to welcome you to this journey, and help you each step of the way!


All our plugs are made of natural stones, the only exception being our opalite glass. Being natural, this means that you will find beautiful banding, inclusions, and color variation across the materials. They are all inspected by hand for quality control in the polish, and matching of the faces. Atlas Stoneworks is based out of sunny south Florida where our awesome team is hard at work bringing you beautiful and affordable stones, and sharing the education and message of safe ear stretching.