Stone Plugs for Stretched Piercings

Double Flare Stone Plugs

Explore our variety of double flared stone plugs. With a lip on both ends, double flared plugs should be used after the piercing has been comfortably stretched.

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Discover our collection of single flared plugs in a variety of stones. After a single flare plug is inserted, it is held in place by a rubber O-ring around the back.

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Single Flare Stone Plugs

Authentic Natural Stone Body Jewelry*

We offer a diverse selection of stone plugs for your stretched piercings. Choose from stone plugs made from amethyst, obsidian, moss agate, jade, rose quartz and other options. All of our stone plugs are free of dyes,  hold up well to daily wear, and will not loose color, or polish.

Uncut Amethyst
*Excluding Opalite.  Opalite is a synthetic glass.


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