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Single Flared Rose Quartz Plugs

Fall in love with this sweet stone. Price is Per Pair- enter 1 for a pair.
Rose Quartz Stone Plugs

Rose Quartz is a lovely soft peach, pastel pink, and cream colored quartz. Rose Quartz has been historically associated with love and romance due to its dusty pink hues. It’s a form of quartz commonly used in carving and jewelry, and gets its pinkish hue from titanium and iron in the stone. Rose quartz picks up the warm undertones of the skin when worn, and tends to look subtle and flattering. In its lighter, whiter variations it looks like a warm toned cream color.

Product Description

Our Single Flare stone plugs are made with large front flares for security but also give the added aesthetic of looking larger overall. Each single flare plug has a convex front which contributes to that same desires look. The backs of our plugs have a long wearable, ranging from 13-16mm to accommodate all ears. They also have a gentle, rounded shape ideal for ease of insertion. Our plugs do not have an O-ring groove, as we suggest wearing an O-ring one to two sizes below for security. All our stones can be cared for by washing gently with warm soapy water, with a mild soap free from dyes, fragrances and other harsh additives. One that that is important to remember is that stone is a natural material, and so our plugs can sometimes vary +/- .5mm. Pattern, banding, and inclusion may vary from pair to pair as well.

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