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Double Flared Opalite Plugs

Unleash your inner strength with this soft stone. Price is Per Pair- enter 1 for a pair.
Opalite Plugs

Opalite is technically not a stone! It is a man-made opalized glass, but is able to be worked more similarly to a stone then to a glass. Our opalite has a rich blue to teal tone when against a dark background but when light can pass through the plug, or against a lighter background, it has a milky white tone, with reflections of yellow, peach, pink, and orange. When worn in-ear, as the head moves and light passes, the opalite has a magical effect shifting through it’s full range of colors. Because opalite is a man-made glass, it does sometimes contain bubbles, an after effect of the formation process. These do not affect wearability.

Product Description

Our Double Flare stone plugs feature a comfortable 9mm wearable, with 1-2.5mm flares. All of our double flare plugs have slightly convex or convex faces depending on the stone, which allow for full feature of the stone itself. The flares are a gentle saddle style for ease of insertion and removal and wear comfortably. All our stones can be cared for by washing gently with warm soapy water, with a mild soap free from dyes, fragrances and other harsh additives. One that that is important to remember is that stone is a natural material, and so our plugs can sometimes vary /- .5mm. Pattern, banding, and inclusion may vary from pair to pair as well.


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